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Hot and Spicy Review
Do you want to kick things up a bit and add a little spice to your life? Then you should listen to this podcast.

The host, Martin Lindeskog, is reviewing hot sauces, eating chile peppers, and testing other spicy food stuff. I will discuss hot topics with freethinkers, "heat seekers," and spicy individuals. Are you ready for a sizzling show?

I will talk about the history of Capsicum fruits, the spelling of the word, chile pepper, commemorate Mr. Scoville and Columbus, and explore other things related to this field.

Do you have a favorite hot sauce at the moment? Please, feel free to share your spicy food recipes. Do you have tips on future guests and fellow chile-heads, you want to learn from?

If you have a hot & spicy product you want me to review, please reach out to me in cyberspace, or send me an email (with the subject line, Hot & Spicy Review) to: Martin AT TeaParty DOT Media.

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Martin Lindeskog

Creator, ✍🏻 Tea Book Sketches. Indie Biz Philosopher ⚛️ & New Media 📲 Advisor, TeaParty.Media. Blogger since 2002 and podcaster🎙since 2006. First podcast: EGO NetCast. Latest podcast: High Five for Hemp. Support 💲My Work and 🗽 Freedom of Expression: https://bio.link/lyceum